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Every skin has a story.

Lucid C Skin Detox: Responds to special requirements of sensitive and problematic skin as well as those in need of renewal and illumination.

The latest, ultra stable form of vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen, therefore helps the skin to regenerate, reinforces capillaries, and supports resolving decolorational issues. Ethylated ascorbic acid also influences the positive impact on inhibiting bacteria development. Ectoine actively protects the skin from negative influence of solar radiation, slowing down the ageing processes. It prevents transepidermal water loss. Soothes inflammatory conditions operating at the cellular level.

Oil-free serum moisturizes and illuminates the skin without pores clogging.

Terrapi was born of nature and science.
I believe that its presence sets an entirely new course in skin care of the most demanding complexions. It is my promise of uncompromising concern for Your skin.

Hanna Łatoszyńska

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